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Monday, 31 May 2010 17:29


In the great pattern of life`s big circle we born, we live, we die. Some of us are rich, some poor and some inbetween. Although we may find it hard to believe, it is often better to give than to receive, therefore if you are able pledge or make a donation in support of those who are in need of help, your blessing and good fortunes may be fourfold.

We currently support two charities:

1. Help for Heroes

2. OSCAR Sandwell Sickle Cell and Thallassaemia.

Many, many thanks for your generosity .

Monday, 31 May 2010 18:43

Events 2010

Attendance List
Name Apologies Honours Tributes
Alvin Brown + 1
Wayne Howell

Dennis Gentles
Andrew Rose + 1
Ben Benjamin George Fraser
Ann James
Pat Critchlow Nevil Meade
Annete Maria Erskin+ 1
Calvin Francis Phillis Hilton
Ashley Hemmings
Kelly Lester Robinson
Barbara Campbell
Snowey Brathwaite Nobby Clarke
Ben Ellis
Julie Thom Peter Blackwood
Bryan Scott + 2
Felix Manners
Calvin Lambert
Christopher + 2
Colin Broom + 1
Danny Small
Delroy Shepherd + 1
Carol Curtis
Dennis Brooks
Renald Scott
Derrek Graham + 1
Charlie Foster
Don Campbell
Ricky Moore
Donavan Ricardo + 1
Margery Fraser
Elaine Osborne (Ozzy) + 1
Ben Skeete
Eric Senior + 1
Spider & Pat
Frank Gentles
Gavin Campbell
Keith & Mary
George Hemmings
Greg Dunson + 1
Reg Noel
Grerard Francois
Griff Griffith
Happy Davidson
Ivan Kennedy
Janet Diana Morris
Jerome Gordon + 1
John James
Joyce Britton
Joyce Sawyers + 1
Ken Straun + 1
Kenny George
Lee Brown + 1
Lisa Ritchie
Maggie Sanchez + 5
Marcus Garvey
Marlyn Beaton
Mil Miller
Noel Roye
Patsy Davies + 1
Pauline Naylor
Rendell Clarke
Rick Russell + 3
Rodney Green
Roger James
Sandra Martin
Sherry McPherson
Tony Sawyers + 1
Trevor Brathwaite
Barry Kelly
Tony Waldran
Gloria Waldran
Jacob +2
Tony Linton +1
Jasper Ellis
Jennifer Ingleton
Nigel Forde
Alvin Salmon
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