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Monday, 27 August 2018 16:00

Event 2017

Event 2017 started with the usual meet and greet of people from far and wide, around the globe. Germany, the Caribbean, Canada and UK of course. There is always that feeling of warmth, togethernes, joy and even tears when people meet each other, some who have not met since early 70’s. It is a sight to behold, sometimes speechless, just a bear hug, a slap on back and even memory loss. Yes, most of us are firmly Senior Citizens and cannot deny it.

That long?................Yes!                Just right here...                                 Is it really yoy?........Yes its me                                            Having fun?

The event started with due recognition to those who has past on before us by paying respect with a salute of our Standards. 

                                                                         Standard Party parading and general salute of the Standards.

Master of Ceremony continuing proceedings with the program for the evening.

Trustees Pauline & Winston from The National Caribbean Monument Charity(TNCMC)

An update was given on the progress of the TNCMC in regards to its aim and objective of installing a monument in the National Memorial Arboretum, Staffordshire for Caribbean Military Personnel from services to Britain. Following the update the new TNCMC Standard was unveiled for the first time and presented to the Charity by the Sponsor Martin Levermor.

Standard being presented to The National Caribbean Monument Charity by Martin Levermore, sponsored by his company

Educare Representive Dalsie Robinson introducing her Organisation

EPR Committee Member Anne Marie Weir

Guest Speaker Martin Levermore MBE

Martin delivered a captivating speech based on his military career followed by is success as an entrepreneur. 


Comedien, Annett, simply brought the house down. There were definite tears of joy and laughter which us nicely into shaking a leg or two on the dance.


Ken Straun, centre, was awarded a special thank you Certificate for 44 years service in the RAF & Cadets


 Eddy Dryton awarded the most Elderly Ex Service Person at EPR 2017


Some would say that this event was the best to date. If it wasn’t then it would be a very close second to the first one. The ingredient of the night was right, from greetings, reminiscing, respecting those who have passed, food and entertainment, it all blended into a joyous occasion. As our motto goes, FUN, LAUGHTER and EDUCATION.

A huge thanks to you the people that made this happen and much appreciation to the EPR Committee Members for yet another successful event.

Blog by Don Campbell

Photos by Alvin Salmon 







Thursday, 02 August 2018 05:19

Reunion 2018

Ladies and Gentlemen, its great to be with you again on this wonderful journey of meeting and greating annually, trying to remember the old days, where, when and even why we met. Last year's event was arguable the best to date and we certainly hope to continue the same path of growth of EPR. You the publick matters greatly because without your support we cannot continue to provide the motto of EPR which is FUN, LAUGHTER and EDUCATION. 

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