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Monday, 30 December 2013 10:35

Farewell to Sherry

Farewell to Sherry

It is with great sadness that one of our dearest EPR has past away on the 10th December 2013. Sherry was one of the original EPR Committee Members, and was a true believer in the meaning and cause of this event.

Only a few weeks ago attending a Committee meeting where she resigned as Secretary due to her illness.

Her illness was know to many but as always it is a shock when the inevitable happens.

May she Rest in Peace.


Young and spritely days, pre EPR

Early years as a Soldier in the British Army.

Sherry, EPR 2012.

WAWI Project Guard of Honour: (Supported by 2 EPR Committee Members)

There was a military salut during the church service, to the sound of the last post, to honour Sherry`s Military Service.

Guard of Honour bidding farewell after the church service.

Sherry, Ex EPR Secretary, being laid to rest.

EPR Wreath organised and presented by a Committee Member, Ken Straun.

Greg Griffith bidding last farewell by placing the EPR Wreath on behalf of the Committee.


Final farewell


Thank you note from Sherry`s son Nahshon:
Hi everyone.  I’d like to thank you you all immensely for making yesterday the amazingly special event that it was. Your presence, your outfits, your smiles,your hugs, your all warmed my heart on what could have been the coldest day of my life – so for that, I thank you sincerely. I will forever remember yesterday very fondly, and I hope you all will too.  It makes me proud to know my mom was so loved and that you all came out to celebrate her.
Big Love








Wednesday, 01 January 2014 02:09

Reunion 2014

Having had a break in 2013, where there was no Reunion, we have now arranged the next event for 23rd August 2014, starting at 17:00 to 01:00.

This event will be held at the Park Inn Hotel Birmingham Road West Bromwich Link:

There are a number of rooms reserved up to one month prior to the event. The reduced cost per room for people attending this event is £55 single and £60 double.

There are various leisure facilities available should you wish to use them so please take a moment to browse the hotel link above for more information.

For further details about the Reunion please contact: Don 07802723222 or Griff 07887854590 or Happy 07703451794.



Tuesday, 30 August 2011 01:00

Attendance 2012

Attendance List
Name Apologies Honours Tributes
Ron Arneaud
Joyce Britton + 1
Barry Kelly
Ken Starun & Joanne
Lloyd Douglas
Len Carr + 1
Jerome James
Ann Williams
Wayne Howell
Voilet Howell
Audrey Carnegie
Gregory Griffith
Calvin Lamber
Sherry McPherson
Happy Davidson
Phil Reid
Clive Weir
Lovina Weir
Sammy + 1
Ben Ellis + 1
Margery Fraser
Pat Clarke
Anthony & Patricia Walters
Money Jacobs
Eda Jacobs
Winston Garvey
Ivan Kennedy
Dennis Brooks
Valrey Wood
Ian Cripps
Esron Campbell
Lynford Brown
Judy Best
Ben Skeete
Carl Doyle`s
Joe Cribbs
Roosevelt Benjamin
Errol Henry
Chad Liverpool      
Lloyd Murray
Yvonne Murray
Gloria Herbert
Jo Carter
Eddie Drayton + 1
Derek Graham
Jackie Vernon
Noel Braithwaite
Pauline Stepney
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